Sanitise Me @ Leith Spirits

Free C-19 Hand Sanitiser

We have now brought our free sanitiser initiative to a close.

HUGE thank you to all you lovely people who donated to our GoFundMe, and also those who took part in our charity whisky tastings, all to help raise funds to offset some of the costs of producing sanitiser. This enabled us to keep providing it free of charge to the frontline services, key workers and the charities that needed it most.

Since mid March, we’ve managed to produce around 25,000 units to help our local area. No small achievement for a little company like us. Our “sanitiser squad” have been simply outstanding!

Apologies to those we were unable to help or respond to individually. We were inundated with an overwhelming volume of requests, and tried to prioritise local organisations as much as possible.

Going forward, we can still supply bulk quantities of sanitiser, but this will now be at a fair price.

Drop us a line via the website if you have a commercial requirement and we’ll try to help.



Finally, a little message.......

A little message from our friends to cheer you up in these difficult times!

Lyrics by Stuart Paterson @StuartPoet
Performance by Claire Filer @filer_claire
Musical direction by @highginx1 and @BenThapa82